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Plexor™ labelled primers

Real-Time qPCR Oligonucleotides

The Plexor™ primer technology is a technique for Real-Time qPCR adapted to multiplex assays. 
This technology takes advantage of the highly specific interaction between two modified nucleotides. 
These two novel bases, called isoguanine (iso-dG) and 5 -methylisocytosine (iso-dC), form a unique base pair when incorporated in double-stranded DNA and pair only with each other.

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Plexor™ primers
The Plexor™ primer technology is a technique for Real-time qPCR adapted to multiplex assays. This technology uses two specific bases: isoguanine (iso-dG) and 5-methylcytosine (iso-dC). These two modified nucleotides pair only with each other and form a unique base pair once incorporated into double stranded DNA. In Plexor™ reactions, one primer is a standard unlabeled oligonucleotide. The second is synthetized with an iso-dC residue and a fluorescent label at the 5’ end. The reaction mix contains iso-dG nucleotides linked to a quencher. Incorporation of the iso-dG will quench the fluorescent signal. Therefore, the fluorescence decreases in the course of the amplification proportionally to the quantity of the input DNA template.

Eurogentec is a referenced supplier of Plexor™ labelled and unlabelled primers. Validated positive control sets containing a pair of labelled and unlabelled primers are also available from us.

Please note that correct resuspension is critical for optimal use of Plexor™ primers.

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