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Oligonucleotide Design Services

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Highly specific and efficient design is the key to a successful Real-Time qPCR assay!

Eliminate costly guesswork and avoid failed experiments by benefiting from Eurogentec's state of the art bioinformatic know-how.

DescriptionSize Reference USD  
Double Dye Probe design (including LNA®) - 1 design1 design AD-DGDDP 24.00 
Double Dye Probe design (including LNA®) for SNP Analysis - 1 design1 design AD-DGDDP-SNP 90.00 
Molecular Beacon design - 1 design1 design AD-DGMBN 36.00 
Molecular Beacon design for SNP Analysis - 1 design1 design AD-DGMBN-SNP 120.00 
PCR Primers (Forward + Reverse) - 1 design1 design AD-DGPCR 18.00 
* More info on the Purifications page

Eurogentec has a sound bioinformatic background offering for out different qPCR Real-Time products. This bioinformatic know-how is now offered in the form of probe design services.

Eurogentec is able to provide you with the optimal design for your primers or probes, eliminating the time-consuming task of designing them manually. These services include Double-Dye, Molecular Beacon and Scorpions® probes design suitable for gene expression and SNP analysis.

Based on its experience in Double-Dye probe design and by means of collaborations with experienced scientists, Eurogentec is now able to design LNA® Double-Dye probes for any type of applications including MGB Taqman® probe replacement and SNP analysis.

Our robust design software gives proven, working results, independently evaluated and approved by expert scientists. We continuously update our software and design rules to reflect the latest scientific developments, as well as to incorporate our customers’ suggestions.

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