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qPCR 384-well plates for ABI, Bio-Rad and other systems

qPCR Plastics

The skirted 384-well plate perfectly fits to ABI, Biorad and Eppendorf qPCR platforms, as well as many regular PCR cyclers. The plate is fully optimized for robotic applications utilized for high-throughput, low volume processing. Each plate is lasermark-coded with a unique code.
  • Perfect fit to Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf
  • Fully skirted, low profile, white plate
  • Low evaporation, very robust, due to clever design
  • Extreme Uniform wells lead to reproducible results
  • Robotic friendly, easy stackable, flat and high S/N Ratio

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
qPCR 384-well white plate, skirted, low profile - 8 x 5 plates8 x 5 plates RT-PL384-ABW 291.00Add to cart
qPCR 384-well white plate, skirted, low profile, for ABI systems, sample - 2 plates2 plates RT-PL384-ABWSA 0.00Add to cart

Delivery times

   2 WD

qPCR 96-well plate for ABI FAST systems pictureOur white qPCR 384-well, low profile, skirted plates perfectly fit to Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad and Eppendorf qPCR platforms as well as other PCR platforms, and are made of a special polypropylene of optical quality and of medical grade and virgin quality. These plates have a very rigid stabilized frame. The white plastic is preferred in all qPCR procedures due to increased signal noise ratio for improved Real Time qPCR signal yields.

The plates will allow you to generate more accurate and reproducible results, increased signal intensities, also when working with small volumes. Concerning the closing of the plate we propose either to use optical flat 8-cap strips or seals. If optical seals are used with these plates for the use of ABI instruments, it is recommended to use a compression pad.

  • Virgin optical quality polypropylene blend, optimized for qPCR, which causes no background fluorescence.
  • Extreme uniformity of wall thickness: thin wall at the bottom for optimal heat transfer, thicker wall at the top to minimize evaporation.

  • Perfectly flat, thin-walled and rigid, but still flexible structure, with extreme uniformity. Avoid edge artifacts.
  • Their very rigid stabilized frame will help you Avoid robotic handling problems due to plate warping.
  • Extensive visual and physical quality controls ensuring the highest consistency in quality of the products.
  • White or frosted plates can significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio when compared to natural plates. Thus, lower levels of fluorescence are detectable.

  • The antistatic properties of our plastics minimize reagents adsorption to the tube walls, thus leading to higher yields and allowing the use of small reaction volumes.

  • New super-tight closure and sealing properties reduce evaporation, leading to more reproducible results.  

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