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qPCR optical seals

qPCR Plastics

Our qPCR optical seals (optical, disposable, adhesive) exist as 2 packaging sizes, per 25 sheets and per 100 sheets.

  • Optical quality for maximal signal transmission
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • Disposable
  • Adhesive
  • Less evaporation

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
qPCR optical seals (disposable, adhesive) - 100 sheets100 sheets RT-OPSL-100 267.00Add to cart
qPCR optical seals (disposable, adhesive) - 25 sheets25 sheets RT-OPSL-25 70.00Add to cart
qPCR optical seals (disposable, adhesive), recommended for qPCR use, sample - 2 seals2 seals RT-OPSL-SA 0.00Add to cart

Delivery times

   2 WD

qPCR optical seal pictureOur qPCR optical seals (optical, disposable, adhesive) exist as 2 packaging sizes, per 25 sheets and per 100 sheets. These adhesive optical seals provide the best sealing option for the different plates we propose in our Catalogue. It is non pierceable, but can be easily removed after the qPCR reaction is performed. They have excellent optical quality properties and will not interfere with the signal leading to higher signal-to-noise ratio compared to other brand. 

We use a special glue that will not change color when heated and therefore does not interfere with the results and does not decrease the emission light. 
The glue has specially been developed for the type of plastic that we use, thus it sticks to the plate very well and lead to better closure and less evaporation. The seal itself is thicker than usual films, which avoid the risk to tear up the films. Moreover it will not curl and stick to itself.


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