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Reconstitution and Storage

Technical information

  • Spin the tube briefly to collect the pellet in the bottom of the tube
  • Add an appropriate volume of recommended buffer (TE buffer (pH 8) or dH2O; except for Cy® dye labelled Oligonucleotides (pH7))
  • Allow the tube to stand a few minutes
  • Vortex the tube for 15 seconds

More information

Products Format Storage1 Stability2
Custom Oligonucleotides Dried RT 18 months
TE buffer (pH 8) or dH20 -20 °C 24 months
Real-Time qPCR probes Dried RT 18 months
TE buffer (pH 8) or dH20 -20 °C 24 months
RNAi Oligonucleotides Dried RT 18 months
RNase-free buffer (pH 7.5) -20 °C 24 months
Universal Primers Dried RT 18 months
PNA Fish Probes/ Custom PNA Dried RT 18 months
1Oligonucleotides and especially dye-labelled oligonucleotides should be protected from light for optimal stability. Tolerance -20"C ± 5°C.
2 Please note that depending on sequence and modifications, the stability of the oligos may vary substantially versus the given values, which should therefore be considered as indicative. Although it is generally recommended to avoid freeze-thaw cycles, we did not observe negative effects in qPCR tests after 10 freeze-thaw cycles.

More information

Custom stability studies of your oligonucleotides can be performed on request at Eurogentec. To get additional information or to discuss your project please contact us at


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