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RGD Peptides

Catalog Go™ peptides

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
[Glu3]-RGES, Control for RGD Peptides - 1 mg1 mg AS-62527 61.00Add to cart
Cell Adhesive Peptide [RGDC] - 1 mg1 mg AS-64958 49.00Add to cart
Cyclo (-GRGDSP) - 1 mg1 mg AS-61110 61.00Add to cart
Cyclo (-GRGDSP) - 5 mg5 mg AS-61110-5 242.00Add to cart
Cyclo (-RADfK), RGD negative control - 1 mg1 mg AS-62351 110.00Add to cart
Cyclo (RGDfC), avb3 Integrin Binding Cyclic RGD Peptide - 1 mg1 mg AS-63785-1 71.00Add to cart
Cyclo (-RGDfK) - 1 mg1 mg AS-61111 93.00Add to cart
Cyclo (-RGDyK) - 5 mg5 mg AS-61183-5 193.00Add to cart
Cyclo [-RGDyK(HiLyte™ Fluor 750)] - 0.1 mg0.1 mg AS-62333-01 303.00Add to cart
Cyclo-[GRGESP] - 1 mg1 mg AS-64447 83.00Add to cart
Cyclo[-RGDy-K(5-FAM)] - 1 mg1 mg AS-65160 181.00Add to cart
GRGDS - 5 mg5 mg AS-61107 61.00Add to cart
GRGDS, amide - 5 mg5 mg AS-61108 61.00Add to cart
GRGDS, LC-biotin labeled - 1 mg1 mg AS-62347 77.00Add to cart
GRGDSP - 1 mg1 mg AS-22945 22.00Add to cart
GRGDSP - 5 mg5 mg AS-22946 99.00Add to cart
GRGDSP, LC-FITC labeled - 1 mg1 mg AS-60619 176.00Add to cart
GRGDSPK - 1 mg1 mg AS-61109 71.00Add to cart
GRGDTP - 5 mg5 mg AS-22948 143.00Add to cart
GRGDTP-inactive peptide (GRGESP) - 5 mg5 mg AS-22950 143.00Add to cart
Integrin Binding Peptide - 1 mg1 mg AS-62349 77.00Add to cart
Integrin-Binding Site, GRGDNP - 1 mg1 mg AS-62049 61.00Add to cart
RGD-4C - 5 mg5 mg AS-29898 1 743.00Add to cart
RGDS - 5 mg5 mg AS-64457 176.00Add to cart
Reference Name Sequence MM (kDa)
AS-64857 Cyclo(RGDfY) Cyclo(RGDfY) 638,7
AS-62527 [Glu3]-RGES, Control for RGD Peptides RGES 447,5
AS-64558 ciRGD1 CRGDKGPDC (S-S bond) 948,1
AS-61110 Cyclo (-GRGDSP) GRGDSP, N to C cyclized 569,6
AS-62351 Cyclo (-RADfK-), RGD negative control Cyclo(-RADfK-) 617,7
AS-61111 Cyclo (-RGDfK) Cyclo(-RGDfK) 603,7
AS-61183 Cyclo (-RGDyK) Cyclo(-RGDyK) 619,7
AS-63785-1 Cyclo (RGDfC), avb3 Integrin Binding Cyclic RGD Peptide Cyclo(-RGDfC) 578,7
AS-61184 Cyclo [-RGDfK(Ac-SCH2CO)] Cyclo[-RGDfK(Ac-SCH2CO)] 719,8
AS-62333 Cyclo [-RGDyK(HiLyte™ Fluor 750)] Cyclo[-RGDy-K(Hilyte Fluor™ 750)] 1630,5
AS-64458 Cyclo(-RaDYK)   Cyclo(-RaDYK)   633,7
AS-64447 Cyclo-[GRGESP] Cyclo-[GRGESP] 582
AS-60700 Fibrinogen Binding Inhibitor Peptide HHLGGAKQAGDV 1190,3
AS-62525 GRGDK, FAM-labeled GRGDK(5-FAM) 889,9
AS-61107 GRGDS GRGDS 490,5
AS-61108 GRGDS, amide GRGDS-NH2 489,5
AS-62347 GRGDS, LC-biotin labeled Biotin-LC-GRGDS 830
AS-22945/22946 GRGDSP GRGDSP 587,6
AS-22948 GRGDTP GRGDTP 601,6
AS-62349 Integrin Binding Peptide Ac-GCGYGRGDSPG-NH2 1066,1
AS-62049 Integrin-Binding Site, GRGDNP GRGDNP 614,6
AS-60619 Prototype of RGD-containing peptide, FITC-labeled FITC-LC-GRGDSP 1091,6
AS-29897/29898 RGD-4C ACDCRGDCFCG (Disulfide bridge: 2-10 and 4-8) 1145,3
AS-64457 RGDS RGDS 433,4
AS-64138 RGYSLG Peptide RGYSLG 651,7
AS-62338 TP508, Thrombin-derived Peptide AGYKPDEGKRGDACEGDSGGPFV 2312,5
AS-62654 YRGDS Fibronectin Fragment YRGDS 596,6
AS-62352 Cyclo (-RADfE), RGD negative control Cyclo(-RADfE-) 618,7
AS-65305 Cyclo[K(5-FAM)-GRGDSP] Cyclo[K(5-FAM)-GRGDSP] 1056.1
Reference Name Description
AS-64857 Cyclo(RGDfY) The cyclo(RGDfV) contains D-Phe and is a selective alpha-v beta-3-integrin antagonist. Cyclo(RGDfV) has potential to be used as an antiangiogenic agent.
AS-62527 [Glu3]-RGES, Control for RGD Peptides This peptide is a control for the RGDS Fibronectin Active Fragment and other RGD-related peptides. Asp3 is replaced by Glu3 in RGDS peptide changing its properties to inhibit integrins and proteins of extracellular matrix binding.
AS-64558 ciRGD1 This peptide contains the well-known integrin-binding RGD sequence, which mediates tumor homing through binding to integrins that are selectively expressed in tumor vasculature and on tumor cells, but the tumor penetrating properties of this peptide are unique. The iRGD peptide contains a second active sequence motif, R/KXXR/K, which we have named the C-end Rule or CendR motif. The term refers to the fact that this sequence is only active when the second arginine residue is exposed at the C-terminus of the peptide. Proteolytic processing of iRGD in tumors activates the CendR motif.
AS-61110 Cyclo (-GRGDSP) This cyclic peptide is a potent vasodilator. It is more powerful than the linear GRGDSP (Cat# AS-22945, AS-22946) in changing the vascular tone of arterioles isolated from rat cremaster muscle.
AS-62351 Cyclo (-RADfK-), RGD negative control This peptide is a negative control for the cyclo (-RGDfK-), the RGD peptide. RGD peptides are modulators of cell adhesion and are recognized by several members of the integrin family. This peptide has low affinity binding to integrin peptides.
AS-61111 Cyclo (-RGDfK) In one study where this peptide was labeled with 125I, it was found to bind specifically and with high affinity to αvβ3 receptors on neovascular blood vessel sections of different major human cancers. The integrin alpha(IIb)beta(3)-specific cyclic hexapeptide contains an Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) sequence.
AS-61183 Cyclo (-RGDyK)  
AS-63785-1 Cyclo (RGDfC), avb3 Integrin Binding Cyclic RGD Peptide This is a cyclic RGDfC sequence, an integrin αvβ3-affine peptide.
AS-61184 Cyclo [-RGDfK(Ac-SCH2CO)]  
AS-62333 Cyclo [-RGDyK(HiLyte™ Fluor 750)]  
AS-64458 Cyclo(-RaDYK)   This peptide is a negative control peptide for RGD. The Arg–Gly–Asp (RGD) peptide sequence is known as a cell recognition site for numerous adhesive proteins present in the extracellular matrix (ECM) and in blood.   
AS-64447 Cyclo-[GRGESP]  
AS-60700 Fibrinogen Binding Inhibitor Peptide  
AS-62350 GGGGRGDS This is a common RGD peptide used in material science to prepare alginate-based matrices.
AS-60688 GRADSPK This analog of the RGDS sequence blocks the action of fibronectin fragments.
AS-62525 GRGDK, FAM-labeled This 5 residues modification of the cell adhesive GRGD peptide is labeled with FAM on the side chain of Lys, Ex/Em=490 nm/520 nm.
AS-61107 GRGDS  
AS-61108 GRGDS, amide This peptide inhibits the adhesion of human ovarian carcinoma OVCAR-3 cells to fibronectin, but not to laminin.
AS-62347 GRGDS, LC-biotin labeled The GRGDS peptide contains the amino acid sequence Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD), which has been implicated as a recognition site in interactions between extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules and cell membrane receptors. RGD-containing synthetic peptides are known to inhibit attachment of endothelial cells to substrates. GRGDS peptide inhibits angiogenesis in serum-free collagen gel culture. This synthetic peptide mimics the cellular binding site of many adhesive proteins in the extracellular matrix and causes rounding and detachment of spread cells. This peptide is biotinylated through 6-aminohexanoate (LC) as a spacer.
AS-22945/22946 GRGDSP An inhibitor of cell attachment to salmosin and vitronectin.
AS-61109 GRGDSPK A linear integrin binding peptide. It inhibits endothelial cell adhesion to fibroblast growth factor-2 and to fibronectin.
AS-22948 GRGDTP This is an integrin-binding peptide.
AS-62349 Integrin Binding Peptide This is fibronectin derived, integrin-binding peptide. It may be used for PEG hydrogel preparation.
AS-62049 Integrin-Binding Site, GRGDNP This RGD-containing sequence is integrin-binding site. RGD peptides are found in both extracellular matrix (ECM) (e.g., collagen, osteopontin, fibronectin, and vitronectin) and non-ECM proteins (e.g., disintegrins). RGD-containing peptides are recognized by several integrins. This peptide targets both alphavbeta3 and alpha5beta1 integrins. Interaction of the RGDN sequence with endothelial alpha5beta1 integrin causes endothelin-mediated arteriolar vasoconstriction. This peptide influences the IkappaB kinase (IKK)/nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) activation. It also controls the cardiac contractile function.
AS-60619 Prototype of RGD-containing peptide, FITC-labeled This is a fluorescent (FITC)-labeled Prototype of RGD-containing peptide, Abs/Em=492/516 nm.
AS-29897/29898 RGD-4C This peptide, a double cyclic peptide, binds preferentially to integrins at sites of tumor angiogenesis and inflammed synovium in-vivo, and can be internalized into targeted cells.
AS-64457 RGDS The short peptide RGDS (Arg-Gly-Asp-Ser) is a synthetic cell adhesion factor. RGDS is known to mediate cell adhesion to several extracellular matrix components as well as cell–cell interactions. The RGDS peptide has been shown to interact directly with and activates caspases 8 and 9, which indicates an unexpected pro-apoptotic effect due to an intracellular action.  
AS-64138 RGYSLG Peptide This is a RGD related peptide.
AS-62338 TP508, Thrombin-derived Peptide A 23-amino acid long thrombin-derived peptide, TP508 accelerates tissue repair in both soft and hard tissues. In a rat bone fracture model, it was shown to accelerate fracture repair. 
AS-62654 YRGDS Fibronectin Fragment This is a fibronectin fragment, an adhesion peptide that shows strong binding affinity to thrombin-stimulated platelets. It is RGD containing sequence.
AS-62352 Cyclo (-RADfE), RGD negative control This peptide is a negative control for the cyclo (-RGDfE) peptide. RGD peptides are modulators of cell adhesion, and are recognized by several members of the integrin family. This peptide has a low affinity binding to integrin peptides.
AS-65305 Cyclo[K(5-FAM)-GRGDSP] This RGD-containing peptide is cyclized between its N-terminal amino acid group and its C-terminal carboxy group. It is 5-FAM labeled (Ex/Em=490/520 nm) through the side chain of an N-terminal Lys. The unlabeled peptide competes with the RGD loop of fibronectin III (FNIII) for a5b1integrin binding.

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