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SmartPure - RNA Purification Kits

RNA purification kits

  • Easy-to-use: Each kit is provided with a Smart Protocol card
  • Fast: Purification completed within 30-40 minutes
  • Efficient: High recovery yield
  • Convenient: 100 Preps pack size - Stable for 18 months


The SmartPure RNA Kits enable efficient extraction and purification of RNA from various sample types such as animal tissues, cells, bacteria and other species*. They contain a SmartPure silica based column which efficiently isolates the sample RNA content from the crude medium in an easy and fast way.

The recovered high-quality RNA can be used in Northern blot, hybridization, qPCR, cDNA library construction, RNase protection assays…

*except plant tissues

Shipping & Storage conditions
The SmartPure Kits are stable for 18 months (Total RNA) or 24 months (Virus RNA) if stored in a dry environment at room temperature (15°C-25°C).
The DNase I solution of the SMARTPure Total RNA should be stored at -20°C.
Smart Pure Total

The SmartPure Total RNA kit performs rapid and reliable RNA extraction and purification. It allows a safe recovery of high-quality RNA with no gDNA contamination that can be used directly in any downstream application.

- working time: +/- 40 min.

Kit Components (100 preps)

  • SmartPure Lysis Buffer : 17.5 mL
  • SmartPure RD Buffer: 35 mL
  • SmartPure DNase Buffer: 4 mL
  • SmartPure MnCl2: 900 μL
  • SmartPure DNase I: 100 μL
  • SmartPure DNase Stop Buffer: 10 mL
  • SmartPure Wash Buffer: 2 x 32 mL
  • SmartPure Elution Buffer: 20 mL
  • SmartPure Columns : 100

Smart Pure Virus

The SmartPure Virus RNA kit is optimized to specifically extract and purify virus RNA from various sample types up to 30 mg animal tissues, 1 x 108 cultured cells or 5 mL blood. It provides a very simple and fast technique to isolate high quality RNA to be used in any subsequent experiment.

- working time: +/- 30 min.

Kit Components (100 preps)

  • SmartPure Lysis Buffer: 30 mL
  • SmartPure RD Buffer: 35 mL
  • SmartPure DNase Stop Buffer: 9.8 mL
  • SmartPure Wash Buffer: 40 mL
  • SmartPure Elution Buffer: 20 mL
  • SmartPure Columns: 100

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