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Speedy Mini

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

Speedy Mini Polyclonal Antibodies were designed to meet your stringent requirements in record time at affordable pricing. 


DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
Rabbit - Speedy 28 days - 1 peptide (10 mg, 10-16 aa; coupling of 5 mg) - 1 animal - pAb production - ELISA guarantee - Affinity Purification (10 ml serum) - Delivery of the remaining serum - Shipping costs are included - 1 animal1 animal AS-SMAF-SINGLE 1 053.00Oder Form


To order your Speedy Mini programme, please fill in this form.

The shipping costs are only include for shipping inside EU. For other countries please inquire.

Please note that peptide design aims at conferring high antigenicity to the peptides, but doesn’t guaranty that they will lead to antibodies functional in any application. To guarantee an optimal functionality of the generated antibodies in your application, we suggest our DoubleX strategy which involves the design and co-injection of two peptides from the same antigen. This co-immunization more closely mimics the protein than a single peptide strategy and has success rates in the 90 % in Western Blots using this technique.


  • Peptide design from your antigen sequence
  • Peptide synthesis (> 70 %, 8-10 mg, 10-16 aa)
  • Peptide (2-3 mg) coupling to KLH carrier
  • 1 Rabbit (New-Zealand/White)
  • 28-day Speedy proprietary protocol
  • ELISA Guarantee2
  • Antibody Purification (Affinity Purification - 10 ml Serum + ELISA)
  • Delivery of the remaining crude Serum (± 50 ml)
  • Single shipment on dry ice


No Result*, No Serum, No Invoice.
*A result is a specific ELISA response at 1/10000.

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  1. Complete and submit the Polyclonal Quotation Request
  2. Receive a quotation (and recommendation for the peptide sequence in case of anti-peptide production)
  3. Complete and send the Polyclonal antibody order form (you will receive the link by email with your quotation)
  4. Receive an email confirmation
  5. Beginning of the immunization program

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