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Takyon One-Step Kit Converter

qPCR Reagents and consumables, by application

Takyon™ One-Step Kit Converter (Euroscript II + Additive) is available in two pack size to easily convert 1.5mL or 7.5 mL of 2X Takyon qPCR dTTP MasterMix into a One-Step qPCR Kit respectively. Takyon™ qPCR Kits deliver FAST, SENSITIVE and ACCURATE results in fast & regular cycling conditions.

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
Takyon One-Step Kit Converter - SampleSample UF-RTAD-D0100 0.00Add to cart
Takyon One-Step Kit Converter - 150 rxn150 rxn UF-RTAD-D0101 103.20Add to cart
Takyon One-Step Kit Converter - 750 rxn750 rxn UF-RTAD-D0701 437.00Add to cart
Takyon One-Step Kit Converter - 5 x 750 rxn5 X 750 rxn UF-RTAD-D0705 1 745.00Add to cart
Takyon One-Step Kit Converter - 10 x 750 rxn10 X 750 rxn UF-RTAD-D0710 2 837.00Add to cart

Storage conditions

For long term storage the Euroscript II RT should be stored at -65 °C to -75 °C in a constant temperature freezer. When stored under these conditions the RT is stable for 1 year.
For mid-term storage the RT can be stored at -20 °C for 1 month.
The additive can be stored at -20 °C.

Takyon™ One-Step Kit Converter (Euroscript II + Additive) contains enough reagents to convert 7.5 mL of 2X Takyon qPCR dTTP MasterMix into a One-Step qPCR Kit. It contains:

  • One tube of EuroScript II Reverse Transcriptase (RT), a recombinant Moloney Murine leukaemia virus RT, 7500 U at 50 U/μl and RNAse Inhibitor, 1500U at 20U/µl.
  • One tube of RT additive.


  1. Thaw all required reagents, incl. qPCR Takyon dTTP MasterMix, completely and put them on ice, except for the EuroScript II RT and RNase Inhibitor, which should be kept in the freezer until required for use. Mix all reagents well by inversion and spin them down prior to pipetting.
  2. Prepare the reaction mix as per Table 2 in the Takyon MasterMix Technical Data sheet. To correct for dispensing losses, prepare an excess of reaction mix (e.g. a 100-reaction mix for 96 reactions).
    1. Add all components together, except for the template
      1. Add 2x MMx reaction buffer
      2. Add primers & probe(s) at optimized concentration
      3. Add 0.20µl of Euroscript II RT per 20µl reaction (final volume)
      4. Optional: add 0.20µl of additive per 20µl reaction (final volume). Additive improves results on some viral templates and on FFPE samples.
      5. Add RNAse-free water to reach final volume
    2. Mix thoroughly by inversion. Spin down
  3. Add the reaction mix to individual reaction vials. Reaction set up should be done on ice
  4. Add the template to individual reaction vials, gently mix on a magnetic stirrer and centrifuge to avoid bubbles. Negative control containing no RNA template should always be included. Optionally, a no RT-control should be set up in tubes / wells, which does not contain the EuroScript II RT/RNase Inhibitor.
  5. The Takyon™ One-Step Converter reagents will produce consistent and sensitive results under FAST and REGULAR cycling conditions.
    Program the Real-Time thermocycler using the following recommended cycling parameters:
    A. Reverse transcription step 10 min. 48 °C
    For difficult templates, increase RT step by increment of 10’, up to 30’, to improve reaction yield.
    B. c-DNA amplification step: please follow the recommended Takyon MasterMix cycling parameters (see table 3 of the Takyon Technical Data Sheet).

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