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Universal primers


Nucleic acid sequence analysis is an extensively applied method in Genomics studies. Universal primers are complementary to nucleotide sequences that are very common in a particular set of DNA molecules and cloning vectors. Thus, they are able to bind to a wide variety of DNA templates.

During sequencing, primers are annealed to the denatured DNA template to provide an initiation site for the elongation of the new DNA molecule. Primers can either be specific to a particular DNA nucleotide sequence or they can be “Universal.”

All Universal Oligonucleotitdes (see table just below) are provided RP-HPLC purified and MALDI -TOF MS controlled. They are sent dried in 2 ml tube with a typical final yield of 1 OD / 5 nmol next day after order receipt (subject to instock availability).

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
16S rRNA For (AGA GTT TGA TCC TGG CTC AG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR001-005 10.79Add to cart
16S rRNA Rev (ACG GCT ACC TTG TTA CGA CTT) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR005-005 10.79Add to cart
3' RACE PCR (GGC CAC GCG TCG ACT AGT AC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR010-005 10.79Add to cart
Anchored Oligo dT (20) (TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TV) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR015-005 10.79Add to cart
Anchored Oligo dT (22) (TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTV N) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR020-005 10.79Add to cart
Bluescript KS (TCG AGG TCG ACG GTA TC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR025-005 10.79Add to cart
Bluescript SK (CGC TCT AGA ACT AGT GGA TC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR030-005 10.79Add to cart
cDNA Cloning Primer (GGC CAC GCG TCG ACT AGT ACT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TV) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR035-005 10.79Add to cart
EGFP-C (CAT GGT CCT GCT GGA GTT CGT G) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR040-005 10.79Add to cart
EGFP-N (CGT CGC CGT CCA GCT CGA CCA G) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR045-005 10.79Add to cart
G3PDH For (ACC ACA GTC CAT GCC ATC AC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR050-005 10.79Add to cart
G3PDH Rev (TCC ACC ACC CTG TTG CTG TA) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR055-005 10.79Add to cart
M13 Forward (-20) (GTA AAA CGA CGG CCA GT) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR060-005 10.79Add to cart
M13 Forward (-41) (CGC CAG GGT TTT CCC AGT CAC GAC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR065-005 10.79Add to cart
M13 Reverse (-27) (CAG GAA ACA GCT ATG AC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR070-005 10.79Add to cart
M13 Reverse (-48) (AGC GGA TAA CAA TTT CAC ACA GG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR075-005 10.79Add to cart
Neomycin For (CTT GGG TGG AGA GGC TAT TC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR080-005 10.79Add to cart
Neomycin Rev (AGG TGA GAT GAC AGG AGA TC) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR085-005 10.79Add to cart
Oligo dT 15 Bases (TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR090-005 10.79Add to cart
Oligo dT 16 Bases (TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT T) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR095-005 10.79Add to cart
Oligo dT 18 Bases (TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR100-005 10.79Add to cart
Oligo dT 20 Bases (TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TT) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR105-005 10.79Add to cart
PCMV Forward (CGC AAA TGG GCG GTA GGC GTG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR110-005 10.79Add to cart
pET 3' (CTA GTT ATT GCT CAG CGG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR115-005 10.79Add to cart
pET 5' (T7) (TAA TAC GAC TCA CTA TAG G) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR120-005 10.79Add to cart
pET Upstream (ATG CGT CCG GCG TAG A) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR125-005 10.79Add to cart
pGEX 3' (CCG GGA GCT GCA TGT GTC AGA GG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR130-005 10.79Add to cart
pGEX 5' (GGG CTG GCA AGC CAC GTT TGG TG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR135-005 10.79Add to cart
ROSA26 Promoter For (AAA GTC GCT CTG AGT TGT TAT) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR140-005 10.79Add to cart
ROSA26 Promoter Rev (GGA GCG GGA GAA ATG GAT ATG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR145-005 10.79Add to cart
SP6 Promoter (TAC GAT TTA GGT GAC ACT ATA G) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR150-005 10.79Add to cart
SP6 Upstream (ATT TAG GTG ACA CTA TAG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR155-005 10.79Add to cart
T3 Promoter (AAT TAA CCC TCA CTA AAG GG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR160-005 10.79Add to cart
T7 Promoter (TAA TAC GAC TCA CTA TAG GG) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR165-005 10.79Add to cart
T7 Terminator (GCT AGT TAT TGC TCA GCG G) - 5 nmol5 nmol UN-PR170-005 10.79Add to cart


  From 15 to 38 bases


  1 OD/5 nmol







Quality Control





  2 ml tube


  Technical Data Sheet


  At Room Temperature

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