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Custom individual peptides

Peptide purity levels and Applications

Peptides are available as crude, > 70 %, > 85 % and > 95 % purity depending on your research applications.
  • SePop purified peptides (average purity 60 %): useful for screening purposes
  • Immunograde peptides (> 70 % purity): useful for generating or testing antibodies. Since the presence of organic impurities inherent to the synthesis process can induce side effects during the antibody production procedure, like inflammation or toxicity, a special treatment for the complete extraction of organic impurities is applied, and where necessary, a standard purification step is also added.
  • Biochemistry grade peptides (> 85 % purity): semi-quantitative work
  • High purity peptides (> 95 % purity): for quantitative results
Peptides with purities higher than 85% are adequate for enzymology or biological activity studies. They are checked by HPLC using a photodiode array detector and by Mass Spectrometry. These quality data are included with the peptide delivery.

Peptide modifications

The following modifications are available:
  • ClearPoint™ Heavy isotope labeling (13C / 15N / D)
  • FRET peptides
  • Dye labeling: standard dyes, HiLyte™ Fluor
  • Hydrocarbon stapled peptides
  • Cyclic peptides (disulfide bridged, N to C cyclized)
  • Pegylated peptides to increase solubility
  • Protein carrier coupling for immunization program (BSA, KLH…)
  • Branched peptides (MAP; Multiple Antigenic Peptide)
  • Non-natural amino acids
  • Peptidomimetics (peptoids, b-peptides)
  • Drug and small molecule conjugations
  • Biotinylated peptides
  • Dehydro peptides
  • Phosphorylated peptides
  • Methylated peptides
  • Acetylated peptides
  • N-terminal modifications
  • C-terminal modifications
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