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Custom Oligonucleotides

Since 1987, Eurogentec's mission has been to answer your needs in oligonucleotides whatever your application. By creating OliGold® oligonucleotides, Eurogentec wished to go beyond by advising you on the best purification to associate to your oligonucleotides.

Moving forward in 2009, Eurogentec will adopt a new structure for its Oligonucleotides range, accompanied by a new logo introducing this new concept.

This new logo finds its origin in the 4 elementary components of an oligonucleotide, each symbolised by a coloured bubble: Backbone (Green), Modifications (Pink), Purifications (Blue), and Additional Services (Orange).

In this new logo the central position of the green colour is surrounded by the 3 others underlining all the possibility you have. For each type of base, you can select any of three other categories and, then customise your oligonucleotides with all your desired specifications.


Length: From 2 to 220 bases 
Synthesis scale: 10 nmol • 40 nmol • 200 nmol • 1000 nmol  • 2.5 µmol • 
5 µmol  • 10 µmol* 
DNA, RNA, LNA®, 2’O-Me RNA, PNA and all linkages 
More than 100 modifications!
Purifications: SePOP Desalting, RP-Cartridge•Gold™, HPLC, PAGE, Dual HPLC, UltraPureGold™ 
Quality Control: MALDI-TOF MS
Format: Dried (except for unmodified SePOP Desalted Oligonucleotides from 15 to 39 DNA bases: 100 µM H2O)
Packaging: 2 ml tube, 96-well or 384-well plates
Documentation: Technical Data Sheet

* Larger scales are available on request

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