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Custom Oligonucleotides

Since 1985 Eurogentec has provided high quality reagents and custom-synthesised oligonucleotides to scientists around the globe.

Choose your backbone

Eurogentec synthesises classic DNA and RNA based oligos but other backbones like LNA®, 2’O-Me, 2’O-MOE and PNA can be used to match your specifications.

Choose your modifications

Oligonucleotides can be modified by direct incorporation during the synthesis or by post-synthesis labelling.

Choose your purification

The aim of any purification method is to remove the by-products resulting from the removal of the protecting groups and other synthesis by-products. To know the best purification according to each modification, consult the oligonucleotides purification table. If you are not sure which purification suits your application, then please specify "Recommended Single Purification" (additional fee) and we will choose the best purification for you.

Trusted quality

Optimised chemistry

• Stringent quality controls
• ISO 9001 certified quality system
• ISO 13485 certified for IVD oligonucleotides

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