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Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

The generation of a polyclonal antibody is dependent on two main factors, after which biology takes over.
  1. The first parameter involves foreignness – a sequence alignment between your antigen’s sequence and the host animal is highly recommended before starting an immunization programme.
  2. The second parameter is availability of pure antigen in sufficient quantity to elicit an immune response in the host.
  3. Peptide antibodies are today a very viable alternative to anti-protein programmes. A peptide antibody programme offers the advantages of being able to immunize with highly purified material and to affinity purify the antibodies against the peptide.

Eurogentec offers 2 different types of packages depending on your research goals and budget.
  • 87-day polyclonal packages offer the highest titre and affinity available from a custom polyclonal production method using Freund's adjuvant

  • 28-day Speedy polyclonal packages offer the same high titre and affinities as our 87-day programme, however without Freund's adjuvant and in a much shorter time frame.
We invite you to explore the packages or to create your own.

Please use the following flowchart to select the best polyclonal strategy.

Click to enlarge:
Click to enlarge - custom polyclonal antibody selection flowchart

Interested in large scale production of polyclonal antibodies ?

Visit our antibody large scale manufacturing website to discover our offer.

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