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Custom peptide synthesis

At Eurogentec we believe that quality products save you time. Our peptide synthesis know-how and production facilities have been in place since 1997. We routinely produce peptides of 6 to 25 amino acids; longer peptides are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We can provide peptides in numerous scales, from 1 mg up to grams. Peptides are available as crude,
> 70%, > 85%, > 90% and > 95% purity depending on your research applications.
We also provide peptide libraries for numerous applications.
Many peptide modifications are also available.

Sequence Analysis
Feasibility evaluations are conducted on all peptide sequences prior to synthesis, based on software analysis and our know-how of difficult-to-synthesize sequences. If peptides are being used for antibody production, we also include antigenic index (Jameson-Wolf) and surface probability evaluations. Should any of these parameters be too low, you will be informed prior to the acceptance of your order.

Eurogentec uses state-of-the-art chemistries and fully automated instruments for the production of custom peptides. Two methods are available, solid phase FMOC-based chemistry and Eurogentec’s proprietary solid phase chemistry for the rapid synthesis of large custom peptide libraries. Peptides are synthesized with multiple couplings per step to ensure sequence integrity.

Purification and QC
All peptides are analyzed by MALDI Mass Spectrometry to determine their molecular mass, free of charge. Comparing the experimental value to the theoretical molecular mass confirms the absence of amino acid deletions or double couplings. All non-crude peptides at Eurogentec are analyzed by Reverse-Phase HPLC (RP-HPLC) for purity assessment. Precipitated peptides are analyzed on a Waters Alliance, RP-HPLC instrument equipped with an auto-sampler for continuous analysis. Peptides that meet or exceed the purity requirements are then lyophilized, packaged and shipped to the customer at room temperature by overnight dispatch.

Sourcing of starting material
Eurogentec’s peptide synthesis process is certified to be free of material from animal or human origin. 

Catalog GO™ peptides

AnaSpec (Eurogentec Group) is pleased to propose GO™ Peptides, one of the world largest peptide catalogs, and the fastest growing collection of peptides. Unless otherwise specified, all peptides exhibit > 95 % purity and contain TFA (trifluoroacetic acid) as the counter-ion.

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