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qPCR Reagents and consumables, by machine

Nowadays, a wide range of Real-Time thermocyclers is available. Most use plastic vails, some glass capillaries. Some require a ROX passive reference, others fluorescein additive in order to obtain the best possible results. As a reagent supplier, Eurogentec is able to meet all these demands with the widest range of Real-Time kits. Eurogentec has a kit for every Real-Time thermocycler, for every technology (Probe or SYBR® Green detection) and can propose different format of qPCR reagents.

Kits for every technique

As the technique used, also has its demands, Eurogentec has developed kits for probe assays and SYBR® Green I assays. Both types of kits are available as MasterMix or as Core kit. Use our NEW MESA GREEN qPCR MasterMix for SYBR® Assay or Maximize and Enhance your SYBR® Assay. At Eurogentec we continuously aim at improving our qPCR tools and MasterMixes. Our new generation of SYBR® Green MasterMixes, the MESA GREEN MasterMix Plus for SYBR® Assay product line, will ensure you consistent results with its new formulated buffer and will show increased sensitivity due to the high performance of our MeteorTaq. Moreover, when using our MESA GREEN MasterMixes you will be able to obtain increased fluorescence, steeper amplification curves, earlier Ct values and will minimize any non-specific amplification. In addition, our MESA GREEN MasterMix Plus for SYBR® Assay has been validated on every thermocycler.

Kits containing high quality components
Reproducibility within the kit

The qPCR and RT qPCR kits that Eurogentec offers are evaluated on all Real-Time thermocyclers, for SYBR® Green I or probe applications. All our qPCR and RT qPCR kits contain the HotGoldStar or MeteorTaq DNA polymerase, our hotstart polymerases that avoids non-specific priming and formation of primer dimers during the reaction set-up and initial denaturation step. In combination with the special buffer, the enzyme gives maximum sensitivity and reproducibility.

In Real-Time qPCR, carry-over contamination should be avoided as it is a very sensitive method, which will detect the slightest contamination. To prevent this contamination, UNG is used to cleave the contaminating amplicons before the next PCR reaction. To do so, it is necessary to have amplicons that contain U’s. The nucleotides mix, included in the kits, is a dNTP/dUTP blend, which is optimized to allow carry-over prevention using UNG without loss of sensitivity. Next to MasterMixes containing UNG, The qPCR MasterMix Plus dTTP has been developed to give maximal efficiency: The dTTP kits contain no dUTP and no UNG. As the Taq polymerase prefers to incorporate naturally occurring dNTPs, this kit produces more sensitive results. The RT qPCR kits contain the EuroScript reverse transcriptase enzyme, which gives high yields of full-length cDNA transcripts. The yield and length of the cDNA are maximized by the addition of a RNase Inhibitor, which prevents RNA degradation during the reverse transcription reaction. Combined with the use of high pure oligo d(T) primers and random nonamers, which are included in the kit, detection of very low numbers of mRNA molecules is enabled.

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