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qRT-PCR kits for SYBR® Green I, No ROX

Our Two Step RTqPCR kit NO ROX for SYBR® Green I assay are available as a Core Kit or a Mastermix. 

A MasterMix is easy to use and will lead to very high reproducibility with its universal buffer optimized to work under a wide range of conditions.

A Core kit is cost effective and gives maximum flexibility as the concentration of the different components can be optimized to get the best possible results. 

Ensure consistent results over a brod range of targets - High performance for your Mx4000®, Mx3000P®, Mx3005P®,  Engine Opticon® 1 & 2, Chromo 4, Mini Opticon®, RotorGene 2000, 3000, 6000, Quantica®, LC 480, iCycler iQ®, My iQ®, iQ5 and CFX96.  

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