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Gene Analysis - Special Offer

Gene Analysis - Special Offer

VALID FROM 18.02.2020 TO 31.03.2020

Electrophoresis       30% Off
Smartladder   Mupid   Agarose
Smartladder   Mupid + Accessories   Agarose
SmartLadder order
Mupid® One electrophoresis system order
Molecular Biology Grade Agarose order
SmartLadder SF order
SmartViewer for Mupid® order
Small Fragments Agarose order
Smart Illuminator order
AgaTabs Agarose order

DNA Purification & Cloning       30% Off
smartkits   Cuvettes    
Smart Kits   Cuvettes    
SmartPure - DNA Purification Kits order
Electroporation Cuvettes order
SmartExtract - DNA Extraction Kit order

PCR & qPCR       30% Off
PCR & qPCR        
qPCR Plastics        
96-well plates   Caps & Tubes Strips   Seals
Sub-skirted, high profile -ABI regular order
qPCR 8-tube strip, regular profile order
qPCR optical seals order
Sub-skirted, low profile -ABI FAST order
qPCR 8-tube strip, low profile order
Non-skirted, high profile order
qPCR optical 8-cap strip, natural order
Non-skirted, low profile order
For LC480 order
384-well plates        
For ABI, Bio-Rad and other systems order
For LC480 order


  • Valid from 18/02/2020 to 31/03/2020
  • Not available on bulk references
  • All prices are already discounted VAT, shipping costs and ice fee are excluded.
  • Discounts are only valid in EUR, CHF and GBP currency.
  • This action is limited in time, but not in quantity.
  • General conditions of sale apply.
  • Prices listed are subject to change without prior notification. Orders will be charged at prices in effect on the order day on

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