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qPCR & PCR Plastics

qPCR & PCR Plastics

96-well plate

Eurogentec provides high quality plates, strips, caps and seals for your PCR and qPCR assays.

Our plastics give more accurate and reproducible results and increased signal intensity compared to competitors.

Features of qPCR plastics

  • No background fluorescence to increase the signal to noise ratio
  • Optimal heat transfer to increase the reaction yield
  • Extreme uniformity to avoid edge artefacts
  • High purity, DNa(se), RNa(se), pyrogen-free to avoid sample contamination and degradation

Get more information about Eurogentec qPCR plastics.

How to select the plastic corresponding to my thermocycler?

To help you in the selection of the right plates and strips fitting to your thermocycler, we created a plastic selector tool.

  Try our fast & easy plastic selection tool   >.  

A comparative table synthesising all plastics vs thermocycler compatibilities is also available.

Why choosing natural, white or frosted plastic?

White plates significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio compared to the natural plates but it may be difficult to see through the content. The best compromise remains the frosted plates which allow a direct view of the content and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Polypropylene plates and strips

96-well plates
384-well plates
8-tube strips
Caps and Seals

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