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qPCR selector

qPCR Selector

The selection of the right kit must take into account several parameters (more detailed below): the detection method used (SYBR®, Probe), the sample type (DNA, RNA), the thermocycler type, the format (Core kit or MasterMix, in solution or lyophilised).

To help you in your kit selection, the qPCR selector has been created. Do you still need more information about the different parameters that determine the choice of your qPCR kit? Please visit the page Key factors to select the right qPCR kit.

You can also evaluate a sample of any MasterMix for free and benefit from a 50% discount on your first kit order.



Carry-over prevention (?)
Visual aid (?)

Recommended qPCR Kits

Description Format Carry Over One-Step Visual aid RXN (20.0 µl)  
All kits are available in 5 & 10 packs. For more capacity, contact us.

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