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Takyon kit qPCR

Takyon™ inspired by the faster than light particle (Tachyon) is the the new qPCR line from Eurogentec.

It is designed to provide high sensitivity and accurate reproducible results. Its unique formulation gathers all the advantages of an optimized reaction buffer combined to a new robust and efficient fusion enzyme.

With the Takyon™ kits get access to a new level of speed in your qPCR applications.
Here Choose the Takyon™ kit that best suits your needs!



Large choice of Takyon™ kits


DRY format
DRY format
Takyon™ qPCR Kits for Probe Assays   Takyon™ qPCR Kits for SYBR® Assays   Takyon™ qRT-PCR Kits for Probe Assays


FAST - Experience a speed faster than ever reached before!


Faster than ever expected Takyon™ for Probe Assays achieved amplification with a very short extension time of 15 sec.

Recommended Protocol
Takyon Taq 3 min 95°C
40 Cycles
Denaturation 3 sec 95°C
Annealing-Extension 20 sec 60°C

Figure 1: Amplification of a mitochondrial target (115 bp) was performed in duplicate using a 25 µL reaction mix containing Takyon™ No Rox Probe MasterMix BLUE dTTP (UF-NPMT-B0701) on a Roche LC 480 Cycler. Serial dillution (1/8) starting from 30 ng of human DNA (Sigma, D7011) + NTC were tested in annealing-extension of: 5 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec.


Robust & Sensitive - Detect low copy targets with a brighter signal!


Achieve outstanding sensitivity in your qPCR Assays with Takyon™. Clearly detect low copy target also on difficult templates (thanks to the newly engineered Takyon™ enzyme).


Figure 2: Comparison between Takyon™ Low ROX Probe MasterMix UNG (UF-LPMU-C0701) and Competitor L. Experiment was performed in triplicate (serial dillution 1/8) using the same primers, probe and cDNA. B2M (81 bp) amplification was monitored on a ABI Prism® 7500 Cycler (3 min activation – 50 cycles with 3 sec denaturation and 25 sec annealingextension) down to 2 copies.


Reproducible - Maintain consistency over time


Compatible with all Cyclers and ready for High-throughput platforms, Takyon™ kits reduce variability and ensure an excellent reproducibility across the different runs of the same template.


Figure 3: Takyon™ Probe MasterMixes ensure reproducibility. Comparison between Takyon™ No Rox Probe MasterMix dTTP (UF-NPMT-C0701) and Competitor Q. Experiment was performed in triplicate (7 serial dillution 1/8 + NTC) using 5 µL reaction mix containing the same primers, probe and cDNA; 5 pg cDNA-hu-ge, PrimerDesign. 18s (74 pb) amplification was monitored on a Bio-Rad CFX384 platform (3 min activation – 50 cycles with 3 sec denaturation and 20 sec annealingextension).


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