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Research oligonucleotides

Eurogentec has a high degree of expertise in oligonucleotide synthesis. We always produce oligonucleotides with the specifications that fit at best your applications. Whatever your needs, the oligos from Eurogentec will meet (and exceed) your expectations!

Oligos for any application

Standard custom Oligos Custom NGS Oligos Custom RNAi Oligos
PCR | FISH | Pyrrosequencing |
Cloning | NMR |
X-Ray crystallography |
Mutagenesis | SNP Analysis
Next-gen sequencing Gene silencing |
Antisense studies
Custom qPCR probes Unique™ Oligos Catalogue Oligos
Real-time qPCR |
Patient management |
Diagnostic assays
For highly complex oligos
or in case of unmet need
please contact us at
Cloning | Sequencing |


Custom Oligonucleotides

Custom Oligos
NGS Oligos
Double Dye probes
MGB probes
Oligo-peptide conjugates
Complex Oligos

Catalogue Oligonucleotides

Catalogue oligos

Synthesis Reagents

DNA/RNA synthesis reagents
Backbone modifications
Purification Supports
and many more

Prepaid Oli&GO™ interface

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Technical information

Minimum Guaranteed Yield
Delivery Schedules
Reconstitution and Storage
Tips and Tricks
Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Quality controls
Oligonucleotide stability
More technical information

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