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With over 25 years experience, the Life Science Oligonucleotides are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards. Highly modified Oligonucleotides, sophisticated chimeras, siRNA coupled to various peptides, have been synthesized.
Today, more than 35000 customers benefit from a large variety of synthesis scale, more than 300 modifications, an extensive range of purifications and various formats for their Oligonucleotides.


Exceptional Products

From 2 to 225 bases
All chemistries: DNA, RNA, LNA®, 2’O-Me RNA, PNA
More than 300 modifications
From Lab scale to Large scale
From Research to Diagnostic grade

Trusted Quality

Stringent Quality Controls
ISO9001:2008 Certified Quality System
ISO13485:2003 Certified (for IVD Oligonucleotides)

True Partnership

Fast turnaround times
Technical and scientific support

Environmental friendly

Optimised Oligonucleotides synthesis
Paper free Oligonucleotide related documentation
Dry ice shipments in recycled paper packaging
Smarter transportation with local carriers

Custom Oligonucleotides

Whatever your application, you will get the Oligonucleotide that meet your expectation

Backbones (Bases+Linkages)
Additional Services

Real-Time qPCR Probes

A wide range of Fluorophores and Quenchers in various combination for your custom qPCR Probes

Double Dye probes
Double Dye LNA probes
Molecular Beacons
LC hybridization probes
Plexor™ primers

RNAi Oligonucleotides

The easiest and most efficient solution to achieve your RNAi experiment

Custom siRNA duplexes
Control siRNA Duplexes

Universal Primers

A series of the most common Universal Primers

SP6 Promoter
T7 Terminator
and many more…

Unique Oligonucleotides

You do not find what you are searching for, Unique Oligonucleotides bring you the perfect solution

Your oligonucleotide


For a higher sequence specificity and improved stability

Centromere Probe
Telomere Probe

Synthesis Reagents

A large range of reagents from Glen Research to perform your oligo synthesis

DNA/RNA synthesis reagents
Backbone modifications
Purification Supports
and many more

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