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Eurogentec offers efficient and innovative products for your RT-qPCR experiments.

qPCR enzyme

Takyon™ inspired by the faster than light particle (Tachyon) is the reference RT-qPCR line of Eurogentec.

It is designed to provide high sensitivity and accurate reproducible results. Its unique formulation gathers all the advantages of an optimised reaction buffer combined to a new robust and efficient fusion enzyme.

With the Takyon™ kits get access to a new level of speed in your RT-qPCR applications.

One-step vs two-step RT-qPCR

Reverse Transcription (RT) and qPCR can be achieved in a One-Step or in a Two-Step approach. A Two-Step reaction consists in distinct RT and qPCR reactions (using MasterMix or Core Kit). A One-Step approach consists in a single tube reaction combining all the necessary reagents to amplify DNA from a RNA based sample. The One-Step Takyon™ MasterMix contains the EuroscriptII RT which delivers highly robust performance on classical mRNAs, small RNAs and viral RNAs.

One-step approach is a simple process limiting the contamination risks without compromising performances; thanks to the robust reverse transcriptase and the additive improving performance on difficult templates e.g. viral RNAs, FFPE, …

Some one-step kits are available as catalogue references but any other Takyon™ dTTP Master Mix for qPCR assays can easily be converted into a one-step RT-qPCR kit by using the Takyon™ One-Step kit converter.

NEW: Takyon™ Dry

Besides the liquid format, Takyon™ Master-Mixes for Probe RT-qPCR Assays are also available in a lyophilised format. Takyon™ Dry kits are recommended for on the field assays or for any other usages especially when cold chain becomes an issue.

Discover Takyon™ Dry for RT-qPCR: One-step lyophilised kits stable at room temperature for 18 months!

Takyon Dry

Choose the Takyon™ RT-qPCR kit that best suits your needs!

  Try our fast & easy kit selection tool   >.  

Cycler Type ABI Prism® 5700
ABI Prism® 7000
ABI Prism® 7300
ABI Prism® 7700
ABI Prism® 7900 & FAST 7900
ABI Step One & Step One Plus
ABI Prism® 5700 • ABI Prism® 7000 • ABI Prism® 7300 • ABI Prism® 7700 • ABI Prism® 7900 & FAST 7900 • ABI Step One & Step One Plus
GeneAmp® SDS 5700
ABI Prism® 7500, FAST 7500 & ViiA™7 Mx3000P®
MasterCycle® ep realplex
CFX96 & CFX 384
Chromo 4™
DNA Engine Opticon® 1 & 2
iCycler iQ®
My iQ
LightCycler® 96 / 480 / Nano
Mx3000P® • Smartcycler® 1 & 2 • Quantica® • Swift Spectrum™ 96 • Rotor-Gene® 2000 /3000 /6000 /Q • q Tower • PiKoReal™
iCycler iQ®
My iQ
Normalisation ROX Low ROX No ROX Fluorescein
Assay type Probe SYBR® Probe SYBR® Probe SYBR® SYBR®
Click on your format MMX CK MMX CK MMX CK MMX CK MMX CK MMX   MMX CK
2X 5X Dry 2X 2X 5X Dry 2X 2X 5X Dry 2X 2X
One-Step kits
Clear Mix ⚪/⚫     ⚪/⚫   ⚪/⚫   ⚪/⚫        
Blue Mix (visual aid) ⚪/⚫ Visual aid Visual aid Visual aid ⚪/⚫ ⚪/⚫ Visual aid Visual aid ⚪/⚫ ⚪/⚫ Visual aid ⚪/⚫ Visual aid Visual aid ⚪/⚫ ⚪/⚫
Two-Step kits
Combine any qPCR kit with first strand Core kit

✔ Kit available with this option
MasterMix Converting Options:
Option RT-qPCR One-Step: Convert any dTTP qPCR Takyon™ Kit into a one Step RT-qPCR Kit using the Takyon™ One-Step kit converter
Option RT-qPCR Two-Step: Convert any qPCR Takyon™ Kit into a two Step RT-qPCR Kit using the Reverse Transcriptase cDNA core kit
Option normalisation with Fluorescein: normalisation using fluorescein can be achieved by addition of fluorescein passive reference into your qPCR mix
Visual aid Option Visual Aid: Combine any Clear Takyon™ kit with the Takyon™ Blue Additive

MMX = Mastermix
• Optimized ready-to-use mix
• Maximal reproducibility
• Reduced contamination risks

CK = Core Kit
• Components in separated vials
• Maximal flexibility
• Cost effective


Takyon™ qRT-PCR kits for Probe Assay
Takyon™ One-step Kit Converter
qRT-PCR kits for SYBR® Assay
qRT-PCR kits for Probe Assay
Reverse transcriptase Core kit

Positive controls

qPCR Control kit


qPCR Plastics


ROX passive reference
Fluorescein additive
Uracil-N-Glycosylase (UNG)
UNG-dUTP blend for carry-over prevention
Blue Additive

Kits selection tool

qPCR selector

Dispensing/OEM Services

Assay dispensing service for process automation
OEM Services

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