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Biologics cGMP Manufacturing

cGMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals

A well-established full-service biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization, we provide technology transfer, process development, and cGMP manufacturing of recombinant proteins and plasmid DNA obtained by microbial fermentation for preclinical, clinical and commercial use.

We currently have more than 70 employees, 50 of which are dedicated to control and manufacturing of biologicals. Our cGMP-certified production facilities cover 585 m2 (6,297 sq. ft) in 6 multi-products independent manufacturing areas. Our fermentors range from 50 to 350 l with matching downstream capacity.

Our activities are in compliance with FDA cGMP and European Medicines Agency (EMEA) requirements.

The products we have manufactured so far belong to four major categories: therapeutic proteins, prophylactic proteins/carbohydrates (vaccines), plasmid DNA, and live mutated bacteria (vaccines).

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Eurogentec Biologics cGMP Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals

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