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cGMP Manufacturing

cGMP Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals

Eurogentec's production plant has been designed as a multi-product facility for the manufacture of prophylactic and therapeutic proteins, plasmid DNA and live mutated bacteria (vaccines) for clinical studies and market supply.

By working in close collaboration with our clients, with a highly motivated, skilled and committed staff, we always achieve our client's final objectives in a professional, timely and confidential manner. We comply with the most stringent requirements of biotechs or biopharmaceutical industries.

Our multipurpose cGMP-certified production facility of 585 m2 (6,297 sq. feet) allows us to produce your valuable product with efficiency, flexibility and quality.

cGMP manufacturing services include:

  • Cell banking
  • Fermentation, harvest and cell breakage
  • Downstream processing
  • Formulation, sterile filtration, fill and finish

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