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Smart Gene Analysis

Smart Genes Analysis

We are committed to providing you excellence in genomics.

In addition to our comprehensive offer in Oligonucleotides, PCR and qPCR, we would like to offer you additional high quality lab products and services.

The SMART Gene analysis range contains everything you need to successfully achieve your nucleic acid research.

Efficient Kits

Efficient Kits for nucleic acids extraction and purification

Devices and Consomables

Smart Electrophoresis Devices and Consomables

Ready to-use

Ready to-use Molecular Weight Markers

Custom Genes Service

Custom Genes Service

Extraction and Purification

SmartPure DNA Purification kits
SmartExtract DNA Extraction kit
gDNA extraction kit
RNA purification kit


Electrophoresis System
Smart Illuminator
Molecular Weight Markers

Transformation products

E. coli Competent Cells
Electroporation Cuvettes

Gene Synthesis

Custom Genes

Support Area

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