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Custom Polyclonal Antibodies - Speedy Mini

Speedy Mini Promo

Fast and Affordable antibody generation

Are there times when you need a primary antibody that isn’t commercially available or when available, simply doesn’t suite your application due to lack of specificity, high background, etc? Speedy Mini to the rescue!

With Speedy Mini, we generate a tailor-made polyclonal antibody targeting your antigen in a very short time frame and at an affordable price!

> We’ll manage the project for you
We will design for free the best peptide corresponding to your target, use a short immunization program for quick results (our proprietary 28-day Speedy program), purify part of the serum obtained, and voila!

> Your purified antibody is ready for immediate testing!
The Speedy mini program usually results in 1-4 mg of purified polyclonal antibody, and we always deliver the remaining serum.

> Save money!
Instead of purchasing a few hundred micrograms of a catalog antibody at a high price, why not instead choose Speedy mini and receive milligram quantities!

Speedy Mini benefits

  • Get access to a high quality custom antibody as easily as a catalog order

  • Fast 28-Day immunization program

  • Attractive price

  • Quantity- 1-4mg (average) of polyclonal antibodies

  • Benefit from our ELISA guarantee: No Result, No Serum, No Invoice*


832EUR 707.20EUR 957CHF 813.45CHF 757GBP 643.45GBP

Peptide synthesis • 1 Rabbit immunization • 28-Day Speedy Protocol Purified antibody • ELISA Guarantee* • Shipping

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Speedy Mini Process

Speedy mini process

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This action is valid from May 9th until September 15th 2019.
15% discount on price on EUR, CHF and GBP.
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