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Speedy 28-Day

How to Start Speedy 28-Day is the reference program for the production of custom polyclonal antibodies at Eurogentec.

This proprietary program uses a non-Freund adjuvant that stimulates the immune response and gives mostly IgG’s, despite the short immunization time.

Since 2007, our exclusive Speedy 28-Day program has allowed the production of >6000 polyclonals.

To Start you can choose to use your own antigen (Speedy anti-antigen) or
we can synthesize peptide(s) for immunization (Speedy anti-peptide).


Speedy Family

Antigen = Antigen sent by Customers
Antigen X
Please refer to the table below for the amount to provide
Antigen = Peptide designed and produced by Eurogentec
Peptide 1 unmodified 1 or 2 unmodified 1 modified (PTM)
1 unmodified
Peptide Design
Peptide Synthesis >70%
10-16 aa
8-10 mg
10-16 aa
15-25 mg
10-13 aa
15-20 mg (modified)
10-20 mg (unmodified)
Peptide Coupling to carrier
Coupling of 2-3 mg peptide to carrier

Coupling of 5 mg peptide to carrier

Coupling of 5 mg peptide to carrier
Carrier KLH
28-Day Program
Available Hosts1
(Final bleed per animal)
1 2 2
X 2 6
X 2 6
X 1 1
ELISA Guarantee3 Specific response at 1/10000
No Result, No Serum, No Invoice
Specific response at 1/20000
(for DoubleX programs, at least for one of the 2 peptides excluding Goat and PTM programs)
Antibody Processing
Affinity Purification + ELISA Purification of 10 ml Serum, ELISA Ø Double Purification of 50 ml Serum, ELISA
Additional Services4 Ø Ø Ø
Shipmenton Dry Ice
Delivery Purified Antibody
Remaining Serum
Purified Antibody (Ø) Serum
Remaining peptide
Purified Antibody
Remaining Serum
Remaining peptide
Read more Read more Read more

✓ = included; X = not applicable; Ø = Optional

1 Other Hosts are available with the classical immunization; 2 Unavailable for Goat; 3 The guarantee is only applied for peptides approved by Eurogentec ; 4 Additional Services include e.g. Antibody coupling, labeling , additional purifications.

Speedy anti-antigen program: you provide your antigen

The Speedy anti-antigen programme can be performed in rabbit, rat, guinea pig or goat with the antigen of your choice (peptide, protein or cell).
You can provide the antigen in solution or lyophilized (gel slice is not compatible with Speedy 28-Day). The minimal amount of antigen needed per injection depends of the host and is listed in the table below.

Host Antigen amount
  Antigen MW<18kDa (µg) Antigen MW>18kDa (µg)
  Per animal and per injection Total amount to provide for a Speedy 28-Day Per animal and per injection Total amount to provide for a Speedy 28-Day
Rabbit 200 1600 100 800
Rat 50 400 30 240
Guinea Pig 50 400 30 240
Goat 400 1600 200 800

This program includes: 28-Day immunization of 2 animals (except goat = 1) and the shipping of the serum.

Speedy anti-peptide programs : Eurogentec designes and synthesizes your peptides

The Speedy anti-peptide program has an average yield of 10-20 mg specific polyclonal antibody per rabbit.
Immunization of rabbit, rat, guinea-pig or goat is performed with 15-25 mg of a 10-16 aa peptide designed and synthesized by Eurogentec.
We have been designing peptides for immunizations for over 20 years and have developed specific algorithms for the most accurate design of good antigens. As a result our success rate is >95%.

This program includes: peptide design and production at Eurogentec, coupling to a carrier protein, 28-Day immunization, and an ELISA guarantee (please see the table below for more information).

Speedy Dx

To increase the chances of success the Speedy-DX program uses two peptides, corresponding to spatially distinct regions of the target protein surface. This increases the opportunity of the resultant polyclonals to recognize the target protein in its natural environment.

Speedy Post Translational Modification (PTM)

Speedy 28-Day includes a very efficient immunization protocol with frequent boosts. It is therefore well adapted to generate Abs, specifically targeting PTMs, as it can minimize instability of the modification(s) harbored on the peptide used as antigen.
By far the most popular requested PTMs specific Abs are directed to phosphorylated residues but we can also do Anti-Methylation, Anti- Acetylation and many more PTM Abs.

Speedy Mini

The Speedy Mini is designed to give you a quick access to a small quantity of specific custom antibody, purified and hence ready-to-use. The Speedy Mini package includes the peptide design and production by Eurogentec, the 28-Day immunization of one Rabbit, the purification of 10 mL of serum, the delivery of the remaining serum, and an ELISA guarantee (see table for more information).

Request a Quote

Please complete the Polyclonal Immunization Quotation Request if you provide your antigen or the Peptide Design Request if you prefer Eurogentec designs and synthesizes your peptide.
For more information please contact Your account Managers or

Speedy Process

1. Visit or contact
2. Fill in and submit the Peptide Design Request if Eurogentec designs your peptide or the Polyclonal Immunization Quotation Request if you provide your antigen
3. Receive recommendations (peptide sequence) and a dedicated order form (Approx. 4 Working Days)
4. Fill in and submit your order form
5. Receive an email confirmation (Approx. 15 Working Days)
6. Beginning of your Speedy 28-Day program

Antigen Set-up and submission and speedy 28-Day Protocol


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I want to let you know that I'm very delighted about the way you have performed the production and purification of the polyclonals. I'm also very pleased about the fast response you gave when I had a question or wanted to change something.
Thanks for this good cooperation

E.B., The Netherlands
This has actually been the first time that I have used your company but I've been delighted with the communication, the service, and obviously with the quality of the product. I shall be recommending you to everybody I meet!
All the best,

B.M., Austria
I choose again your company because you made me some nice antibodies during my time in my previous lab and also because you were fast and helpful in responding my e-mails.
Best wishes, 

V.J., Germany

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