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Track™ Oligonucleotides

With over 25 years of experience in the production of oligonucleotides, EGT provides high quality products & services catering to all phases of Molecular Diagnostic assay development from R&D to commercialization.

We have recently enhanced our offerings by adding a new oligonucleotide service to our product portfolio: Track™ Oligonucleotides.

Track™ Oligonucleotides offer the required traceability, including identification of the equipment used, the personnel involved and other important manufacturing steps during the entire production process. And, all this, at an affordable price!

The traceability built into our Track™ Oligonucleotide manufacturing process is well suited for most molecular diagnostic applications, including clinical & hospital lab services, companies developing IVD assays & kits (ideal for start-ups and small IVD companies) and other lab service industries (Food & Water Safety Testing, Environmental Testing, Veterinary Diagnostics, Biodefense...).

Benefits to You:

• Quality determined by validated QC methods
• Quick turn-around-times
• Reasonably priced

  Download the Track™ Oligonucletides brochure   >.  

Custom Backbones

2’ O-Me RNA


>250 Modifications Available incl. Proprietary Dyes (HiLyte™) and Quenchers (QXL™)

Purification Chemistries

RP/IEX HPLC [Single or Dual]

QC Validated Methods


Optional Services

Additional QC
Customized Fill & Finish

Oligonucleotide Grades


For a more detailed information, download the Track™ Oligonucletides brochure.

Track™ Oligonucletides brochure

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