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Cyclic peptides

Cyclic peptides

We offers a versatile platform for synthesis of cyclic and constrained custom peptides including disulfide bridged peptides, N>C cyclisations, hydrocarbon stapling, and specialised modifications such as lactamations. We also offer a selection of cyclic catalogue peptides for your research needs.

Macrocyclic peptide specifications

Macrocyclic peptide specifications
  • Length: 5-11 amino acids
  • Type: Head-to-Tail (N>C)
  • Side Chain to head or tail (N/C)
  • Side Chain to side chain
  • Quantity: 1-200 mg
  • Purity: 90-95 %

Disulfide bridged peptides specifications

Disulfide bridged peptide
  • Length: 1-2 disulfi des 3-5 disulfides formed naturally (thermodynamically stable)
  • Quantity: 1-200 mg
  • Purity: 90-95 %

Hydrocarbon stapling peptides specifications

Hydrocarbon stapling peptide
  • Length/turns: i, i+3, i+4, i+7 etc.
    Single or double or triple turn stapling positions, as determined by customer
  • Quantity: 1-200/300 mg
  • Purity: 90-95%

Cyclic peptides applications

  • Stabilisation of secondary conformations
  • Improved binding affinity to targets
  • Modulation/disruption of protein-protein interactions (PPI)
  • Modulation/disruption of proteases
  • Membrane permeability
  • Metabolic stability & bioavailability
  • Bioactivity
  • Serve as structurally engineered models for designing drugs/probing disease mechanisms at target sites
  • Generation and screening of libraries of disulphide based macrocyclic ligands towards target affinities.
    E.g. RGD sequence motifs

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