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Animal welfare

Animal welfare

We take position

Eurogentec has a policy of full transparency regarding processes that require the use of animals. We promote open communication with our customers and have developed an internal culture of openness regarding animal welfare. Accordingly, our animal facility, located in south Belgium, is regularly audited by external parties, while many of our staff members do visit it to get sensitized to our animal welfare policy.
To support this philosophy we have created a brochure describing our facilities, processes, quality standards and ethical commitment available as hard and electronic copies.

Why and when do we use animals?

Since more than 25 years Eurogentec is providing custom antibodies and related services. Although significant advances are constantly made towards the generation of synthetic antibodies and other binding molecules, the immunisation of animal hosts remains the gold standard to produce high affinity antibodies, both monoclonals and polyclonals. Because the biological complexity can’t (yet) be copied, the generation of antibodies still relies on the immune system of laboratory animals. At Eurogentec, animals are used only when no alternative is available . If so, animals are then treated according to the best practices towards animal welfare.

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